Find hereafter major customers who recently agreed for a long term partnership with us.


Welkin & Meraki is a new and very ambitious Working space operator. Starting in 2018 with 4 new locations in Brussels, Eindhoven and Paris, W&M plans to open 200 locations in the coming 5 years, within and beyond the EU borders.

To sustain this rapid growth, W&M partners with Quendra to set up reliable and high capacity Internet connections over all locations.


EUROCONTROL is the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, regrouping 41 Member States. They help their 41 Member States to run safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly air traffic operations throughout the European region.
Quendra helps them to build an ultra- reliable managed network for a specific critical project in multiple European countries.


Multiburo, subsidiary of VGP Group (Vendôme de Gestion et de Participation) operates 26 Business Centers across France, Belgium and Switzerland. The success of their business model is strongly based on the deployed technology to run and manage remotely all these Business Centers, delivering state-of-art services to their end-customers from central HQ.
Quendra helped their IT team to strengthen the current infrastructure by building a robust Layer-2 network to connect all their business centers across France, Belgium and Switzerland. The performance and resiliency of their IT Room, Internet and Voice Gateways, have been also strongly enhanced by centralizing them in a Tier III Datacenter in Paris.


TomTom, with a global presence in 37 countries, is the global leader in navigation and mapping products as well as state-of-the-art fleet management solutions.
TomTom needed a flexible, reliable and cost-effective Voice solution for their contact centers in Europe. Quendra helped their IT department to create the best resilient IP based Voice solution at a very competitive rate.


Buy Way Personal Finance is a Belgian financial company specializing in credit card, prepaid card, personal loans and payment solutions for third parties (BPO).

Security and resiliency are the cornerstone for Buy Way to operate their daily business. Quendra helps their teams to create a global solution (Network, Voice, Datacenter & Business Disaster Recovery Process), exceeding all their demanding requests.