Voice solutions / Fixed voice solutions

PRI, ISDN, analog lines… Many organizations are satisfied with their local telephone service if they consistently hear a dial tone when they pick up their telephone.

Given that there are several different options and plans available for local service in your area, an evaluation of your usage and call traffic may indicate that a different package, or a different provider, might be more suitable for your needs.

When considering a change, most organizations will turn to their current provider, who may offer a variety of choices and options. What they cannot offer, unfortunately, are choices and options from other providers. And if they don’t have a package perfectly suited to your needs, you are at risk of receiving (and paying for) options that you will not use.

We are the telecommunications experts. At Quendra, we can ensure you receive the best local service for your individual business needs.  We can help by identifying the latest plans, rates and options from selected providers. We can also help reduce the complexity of local service bills and invoices.

Most importantly, our Consultants will work on your behalf with service providers in your area to ensure that you acquire only the packages and options suitable for your organization and that you pay for only the services you will use.

Voice solutions / Mobile voice solutions

Smart Phones, Blackberry, GPS/UMTS/HSDPA, international roaming, … Mobile phone plans and options that do not match your employees’ usage patterns can add significant cost to your business.

Many organizations do not have the tools or resources to track how their employees are using their company-supplied mobile phones, and in many cases are unable to assess this use and the associated costs. Even more difficult to assess is the use of those phones for business purposes versus use for personal reasons. Additionally, employees may travel on regular basis in foreign countries, leading to huge roaming cost if the mobile tariff plan / operator is not the most appropriate.

A thorough understanding of phone usage among employees, detailed down to the level of specific job function, can pay dividends for your organization. Matching mobile plans to usage can improve your overall business efficiency and reduce unnecessary expense.

Quendra will help you to optimize your mobile phone usage and reduce substantially your mobile phone bills with local specialists in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

Voice solutions / IP voice solutions

IP Telephony, SIP gateway, Voice Over IP,… what is the right solution for my company ? What are the advantages for my business? Will this really reduce my phone bills?

IP Telephony

Money can be saved, with the right IP telephony solution, in almost all areas (from deployment and management time and costs to ongoing toll and lease charges), but the main driver for changing to an IP telephony solution is the flexibility, scability and integration to your IT environment it can bring to your organization.

The IP Telephony is in fact an additional application which runs in your IT environment. This software can meet any need—from telecommuters, mobile workers, and distributed offices to the largest enterprise. With the ability to cluster multiple servers and manage them as a single entity system capacity, the system has built-in redundancy to ensure reliable service. This software comes with a host of innovative and robust features, including integration with Microsoft Outlook address books for simplified dialing, analysis, and reporting tools for detailed call records, a receptionist console, and conference calling.

However, there are important considerations to analyze when deciding on a solution, including: equipment costs, which include the cost of the infrastructure equipment (voice switches) and handsets (analog or IP telephones or a mix of both); operational startup costs, including the time and resources it takes to plan, install and troubleshoot the solution once it is deployed; and finally, maintenance costs, which includes the cost of labor to maintain the equipment plus whatever costs must be paid to the solution vendor for maintenance and upgrades.

Quendra analyses with you what are your real current and future potential needs of your organization and what’s an IP Telephony solution can bring to your business or not. We help you also to have a clear view of the investment and potential cost reduction and which integration can be made with the fixed and mobile voice environment.

IP Voice Gateway

A gateway is a network point that acts as an entrance to another network. The IP Voice gateway (also called SIP trunk) is then the bridge between your Voice over IP and the traditional Voice network. This type of gateway is provided by Telecom operators and includes multiple voice sessions – as many as the enterprise needs.

The potential for a rapid return on investment is a key driver for this gateway. However, the return on investment can be achieved only when you extend VoIP outside of the corporate LAN. Indeed, by extending the SIP capabilities outside the LAN, satellite offices, remote workers and even customers can use VoIP and other forms of realtime communications applications to break down barriers of geography to share ideas and increase productivity.

In terms of infrastructure purchases, SIP trunks provide an immediate cost-savings. They eliminate the need to purchase costly BRIs, PRIs or PSTN gateways.

There are two main components necessary to successfully deploy an IP Voice Gateway: a PBX with a SIP-enabled trunk side and an IP Voice Gateway service provider.

Although equipment based on the SIP protocol* – SIP phones, IP-PBXs etc. – have been around for some time, it is not the case for service providers. Moreover, each IP PBX manufacturer has each owned specifications and limitations, making unsure the fact that the equipments will communicate perfectly together.

Quendra helps you to have a clear view if the IP Voice gateway can bring benefits to your organization or not. If this is the case, through our experience and expertise, we can advice on the right technical choice and assist you for its deployment. This will ensure you this investment will be a success and a real benefit for your organization.